About us

The way we shop is easy and convenient. Do you need or want something? Just head to the store or hop online, and it’s yours. But here’s the problem: Too much of the stuff we buy today is made without any thought about tomorrow. Our landfills are growing while our resources are disappearing–it’s just not sustainable. The future of our earth depends on the actions we take today, but the truth is, it’s just not that easy to make every shopping decision a mindful one.

What if there was a better way to shop? The ease and convenience you’re used to, but everything’s made in a way that treats our planet kindly.

That’s where Earth Zero Plasitc comes in.


But this is not a story about Earth Zero Plasitc. This is a story about all of us.
If you’re here, you care about our earth’s future. And, if you’re just opening up to this thought, this idea of a sustainable world, we’re stoked to have you, too. Because it takes all of us.

And together, our story is just beginning.